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Womb Hara Massage   Yoni Steaming Moxibustion
Rebozo Wrapping Cocoon
Moon Flower Essence
Natural Gynaecology
Indigenous Arts
Native Womb is a way back to the place where we belong,
honouring the wisdom of shamanic traditions
that have been practiced for thousands of years in a contemporary fusion to connect your inner roots and multidimensional abilities.
It is a journey in the flow of natural cycles, observing nature, celebrating rites of passage, the power of animal & plant medicine and our innate divine intelligence.
Womb Shamanism

      A woman is by nature a shaman (Chukchee proverb)

flowing with moon cycles of death and rebirth.

In Womb Shamanism, the womb is considered a sacred place

that holds immense power and wisdom.

It is a collective oracle that holds memories of Creation,

connecting us to the infinite Web of Life.


"What you seek is seeking you" Rumi

Restore vital energy and increase libido
Help with stagnation and detoxificatio
n of the body
Release emotional and somatic trauma

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When you choose a piece of handmade art you are directly supporting an indigenous family from Amazon

Native Womb has a partnership with the project "Entremundos" that is empowering indigenous women from Amazon over the past 15 years through the dissemination of their arts and culture, specially facilitating the production of glass beaded jewellery.

Beyond of the economic aspect, these jewellery have many special meanings for the spirituality of the people of the forest, as it represents beings and forces of nature that are part of their cosmology