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Shamanism is one of the oldest practices in the world, known to be originated at the cold lands of Siberia and being practiced by many indigenous cultures around the world.

From this perspective, all natural things including animals, plants, rocks and other beings are interconnected, have a spirit or soul and co-exist in multidimensional levels.

A shaman has the ability to enter the spirit world, travelling between dimensions to alchemise in this reality, anything that needs magical transformation.

A woman is a shaman by nature, flowing with moon cycles of death and rebirth. In Womb Shamanism, the womb is considered a sacred place that holds immense power and wisdom. It is a collective oracle that holds memories of Creation, connecting us to the infinite Web of Life.

When we connect with our womb, we remember sacred pathways that activate our feminine power and shamanic abilities. This inner journey allows us to visit our hidden treasures and gifts, healing traumas and blockages, unlocking our full potential as a New Earth Creatrix.


The Shamanic Womb Healing is an holistic therapy that combines somatic bodywork, plant medicine and other healing practices to connect the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the womb. It is a way of  exploring the roots of some feminine issues in a deeper level and can activate intergenerational healing, moving stagnant energies and blockages.


It consists in an integrative combination of ancient feminine arts including Womb Hara Massage, Yoni Steaming, Moxibustion, Traditional Herbal Medicines, Flower Essences, Smudging and other energy cleansing techniques that carefully will be chosen to better attend your specific necessities.

Womb healing may address aspects related to miscarriages, abortions, childbirth, end of relationships, sexual trauma and other issues such as menstrual problems, libido, fertility or postpartum challenges.

The session is held in a safe environment and flows as a ritual, allowing yourself to surrender and enjoy the journey.
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Restore vital energy, increase libido and improve fertility


Move stagnation and support body detox


Release emotional  and somatic     trauma

Some of the benefits that you can experience:

 Feminine Healing Arts
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Womb Hara Massage


It is a deep massage of the abdomen, womb and sacral areas that restores vital energy, increases libido, helps with stagnation and detoxification of the body. The massage also supports the release of emotional and somatic trauma.

This massage was created by Natalie Zukerman from the Institute of Feminine Arts and weaves together the techniques of ancient Chinese Chi Nei Tsang and Mayan abdominal massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and fertility massage.


With this treatment you can experience benefits for:


๑ Menstrual pain and cycle-related challenges

๑ Digestive issues such as appetite, constipation, gas and bloating

๑ Ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis

๑ Pelvic and lower back pain

๑ Sacroiliac pain, sciatica and tightness of the sacrum

๑ Organ prolapse

๑ Fertility issues caused by mental, emotional and physical reasons

๑ Energetic blockages caused by trauma in the body

๑ Sexual trauma and abuse 

๑ Difficulties getting pregnant 

๑ Pre and post-menopausal

๑ Depression

๑ Anxiety

๑ Stress



It’s a stand alone practice in Asia, It’s also known as “people’s medicine” or “ women’s medicine”. Moxibustion uses the meridians of the acupuncture with application of heat. All the meridians connect to internal organs and 80 to 90% of all the diseases are caused by stagnation. When you apply heat to determined points you support your body in moving fluids, blood and qi (vital energy).

At this session the moxa can be applied at meridians of the conception vessel (CV 8, 6 or 4) according to indication.


Yoni Steaming


Also known as vaginal steaming, it's a gentle treatment for your yoni and womb space that promotes cleansing and releasing on physical and emotional levels. 

In Sanskrit, Yoni is known as a “sacred place” or pathway. The warmth of the steaming with the properties of the herbs will work externally on your vagina and and up into the womb. This ancient medicine is part of the Mayan healing lineage and has been practised by many women around the world.

At this session you will experience a gentle herbal steaming to support your body to receive the other treatments.


These are some of the conditions that a vaginal steaming can support: 


๑Reproductive health and fertility issues

๑Low libido

๑Irregular or painful periods

๑Uterine fibroids

๑Perineal tears

๑Bladder and yeast infections

๑Vaginal or ovarian cysts

๑Haemorrhoids or scarring from C-sections, hysterectomies and laparoscopies


Rebozo Wrapping Cocoon 


Rebozo is a traditional mexican cloth woven by indigenous women generation after generation, specially in pre and postpartum care, but all women can benefit from this relaxation / integration time.

We start using the rebozo to rock your body, bringing relief to the muscles and ligaments. After that, the rebozo will be used to wrap your body in specific areas, allowing you to be held in a very comfortable cocoon. 

This ritual is a beautiful transition from the inner world to the outside and can support the release of emotions and the calling of lost soul fragments. It is a symbolic experience of being at the womb, being nurtured and supported to rebirth to your own life.

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