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Celebrating Menarche

This is the great initiation of a woman into the Sacred Blood Mysteries

What we offer

When a girl receive her blood for the first time, she is transiting from childhood to womanhood and this is one of the most important Rites of Passage celebrated by many different cultures. Some traditions have specific ceremonies and rituals that prepare and empower the young woman for this important transition. These rituals often involve teachings about menstruation, fertility, cycles and other things about the life of the woman to be. Unfortunately, for many of us, this transition wasn't celebrated and most of the time our modern society or lifestyle doesn't integrate the sacredness of our cycles. The menstruation can be one of the first experiences of devaluation of the feminine. Because of cultural aspects and lack of information, menarche is often met with secrecy, shame or even fear. And this will influence a lot in the way that we receive our moontime for the years to come. When we change our perception about the cyclic nature of our bodies, we learn how to navigate the ebbs and flows of being a woman and take advantage of our inner oracle to bring our life to the highest potential. Even if we are grown up women, our "little girl" is waiting to claim and recollect the gifts of this magic initiation. Let's get together to expand our knowledge about shamanic menstruation and bless our wombs in a beautiful ritual created to celebrate our Menarche and the beauty of the cycles. Every woman that have had her first period is welcome to join, even if it was a long time ago, if you are in your moonapause or doesn't menstruate for any other reason. Please dress in RED if you can! Will be a pleasure to celebrate with you!!!

  • 1 h
  • 33 Australian dollars
  • Bay Street

Contact Details

  • Bay Street

    40/20 Bay Street, Tweed Heads NSW, Australia


Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us with 48h prior to your session. Cancelations or changes made with less than 48h notice will be charged a $60 fee to cover expenses.

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